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Golden Team's 1953 Board up for Auction


Hungarian News Service
Sunday, 19 November 2006, 23:17

"No one had any need for it." That is why the editor-in-chief of an American-based Hungarian paper, the Amerikai Magyar Népszava Szabadság, has put up for auction a board created after the Golden Team's victory against England. The starting price is 10 million Hungarian forints.

A Hungarian collector is placing up for auction this "one-of-a-kind" piece of Puskás memorabilia on the Amerikai Magyar Népszava Szabadság website. On sale is the board created after the Golden Team's 6-3 victory with original vintage signatures from "Buddy" Puskás and the other team members, the American-based Hungarian paper's editor-in-chief informed the Hungarian News Service on Sunday.


This relic is identical to the one which thousands visited everyday when it was placed on display in the then 7th November Square, in the shop window of Fényszöv [a photo shop], informed László Bartus.

The editor-in-chief related that, in Hungary, the owner offered the treasure to the Hungarian Football Association, the National Sports Bureau, President of the Young Democrats (FIDESZ) Party Viktor Orbán, and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, but "no one had any need for it.".

It is possible to bid on the relic until 15 December at the newspaper's electronic mail address. The starting price is 50,000 American dollars (10 million HUF).

Must Be Sold

As one can read on the Amerikai Magyar Népszava Szabadság website, the antique was prepared to commemorate the Golden Team's 6-3 victory, and the man who owns it "has been collecting Hungarian sports keepsakes obsessively ever since he was a small boy".

The owner claimed that in Hungary, there was "no interest shown" towards this "relic of theoretically priceless value". As a result, he is now offering this rare item of sports history to foreign collectors, especially Americans of Hungarian descent; however, he added, "anyone can bid on it.".

The owner wrote in the American-based Hungarian paper that he never intended this invaluable item to leave Hungary "if only because of the memory of the legendary 'Uncle Buddy'; however, because of my advanced age, I had to consider selling it." He wrote that his grandfather saved the board in 1967, by taking it to a sibling in Frankfurt. From the sibling, the treasure embarked on an adventurous to get back to him again.


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