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Puskás Gala at the European Cup Final


Gábor Joó
8 December 2006, 14:47

UEFA Final, 1960: Ferenc Puskás shot a stupendous goal from the inside left, followed with a leisurely penalty kick and a header, then finished off the master quadruple with a further shot to the upper corner. This match between Real Madrid and Frankfurt in Hampden Park was one for the record books.

Never have there been so many spectators at an UEFA or Champion League final, neither before nor after 18 May 1960, Glasgow, where Real Madrid, lining up with Ferenc Puskás, defeated Eintracht Frankfurt (7-3). Ten goals in a single game reamains another record for a European Cup final, as does Puskás's four.

Real Madrid was off to a bad start when Kress scored the first goal, bringing the German team into the lead, only the Spanish team equalised a mere ten minutes later. Alfredo di Stefano, another star alongside Puskás, scored from close range, then scored another goal four minutes later from even closer. He shot the ball into the net after it bounced off the excellent goalie Loy.

From that point on, the match became the gala of one team - or rather, one player in particular. Before half-time, Puskás scored a stupendous goal from his inside left position, then he followed with a leisurely penalty kick and and a header, which was not so typical of him. Finally, he topped off this hat-trick with another quick-fire shot.

The 6-2 result was accomplished by Di Stefano, but the final result was thanks to Stein, who scored fifteen minutes before the final whistle. The captain Zarraga took the trophy, and the team ran a victory lap around the pitch. Real Madrid won their fifth title at the fifth UEFA Cup, but it was Puskás's first success with the club.

The 1960 Final of Superlativres

Not only was the UEFA Final of 1960 the greatest in terms of most watched and most goals, it was also the most expensive and most lucrative final at that time. Entrance fees cost in the range of 5 to 50 schillings. No earlier match had cost that much, and each and every Real player received 650 pounds' worth of pesetas for their victory.


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