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Puskás Makes Headlines on Leading News Sites


17 November 2006, 11:32

The world's leading news agencies and the online versions of newspapers ran front page reports of Puskás's death. All the sports pages recounted the career of the "Magic Hungarian" in their leading articles. At UEFA's official website, the most popular football site, three of its five illustrated lead articles were devoted to Puskás. The BBC reacted most promptly, placing a report on the "Hungarian legend's" death in the second most important position. Several Spanish, English, and Italian political papers broke the news on their front pages.

See the articles of:


ABC (Spain)

El Mundo (Spain)

El Pais (Spain)

Google (Google's news collection, USA)

Kicker (Germany)

La Gazetta dello Sport (Italy)

La Republica (Italy)

L'Équipe (France)


Wikipedia (Puskás on the Hungarian site)

Wikipedia (Puskás on the German site)

Wikipedia (Puskás on the Esperanto site)

Spiegel (Germany)

Stern (Germany)


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